Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)

Standard BOD System

Biological Oxygen Demand is the amount of oxygen used by micro-organisms when they bio-degrade organic material in a water sample. It is used as an important measure of the degree of contamination in a supply. The conventional BOD system comprises 6 bottles and 6 mercury capillary tubes with a constant scale of up to 1000mg/L. This allows exact and error free readings of the BOD value to be read directly in mg/L or to be calculated by single multiplication.

  • Simple handling
  • Direct reading of BOD in mg/L
  • Maintenance free, integral
  • Programmable stirrer

The system is supplied complete with 6 of the following: dark glass 500ml bottles, PVC caps, capillary caps, KOH containers, interchangeable scales, mercury (2ml bottles), 35 mm magnetic stirrer bars and an operation manual.

Product Code: EN15-700