Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

This Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer is a high performance automated instrument designed to meet the requirements of the modern laboratory. Due to its versatility and performance it can be used for a wide range of applications including: Agriculture, Clinical, Environmental, Food, Metal, Mining and Petrochemical.

  • Embedded PC system built into the instrument as standard. Windows 7 professional operating system.
  • Automatic 8 lamp turret controlled and optimized by the AA-Win software.
  • D2 lamp and Self Reversal background systems fitted as standard.
  • High precision minimal optics ensures maximum light throughput to the computer controlled Czerny-Turner monochromator.
  • A universal autosampler is available which is conveniently mounted to the front of instrument.
  • Absorption and Emission modes are standard as well as peak height, peak area, sequential and manual integration modes.


EN91-100 / EN91-101 / EN91-102 / EN91-103 / EN91-104 / EN91-105 / EN91-106 / EN91-107 / EN91-108 / EN91-109 / EN91-110 / EN91-111 / EN91-112 / EN91-113 / EN91-114 / EN91-115

Product Code: EN91-100 / EN91-101 / EN91-102