Air Pollution Test Kit

All of the testing methods used in each outfit are performed by collection of the gas in a special absorbing solution and the subsequent chemical analysis. Through the use of these methods, better quantitative results may be obtained than results acquired by gas indicator tubes or length of stain methods. Each analytical method has been appropriately modified to make the entire outfit suitable for testing either field levels or levels in confined areas. Precision impinging units and general purpose impinging units are included in the outfit. Packaged in a rugged plastic container, each analytical test module is easily removed from the outfit for individual investigations. Sufficient reagents are supplied to perform 25 tests with a total capacity of 150 tests for the entire combination outfit. Inexpensive refill packages of the chemical reagent are available.

Air Pollution Sampling Pump

For use with the Air Pollution Test Kit in monitoring atmospheric air pollution, checking eight-hour exposure limits for workers in industry, and more. The brushless DC motor pumps air to a small diaphragm valve assembly which maintains flow rates for 48 hours of continuous sampling before the batteries need replacing. Intermittent sampling extends the range of usage considerably.

A quality flowmeter accurately monitors the volumes of air being sampled. The flowmeter has an easy-to-read scale calibrated from 0.2 to 2.0 litres per minute (lpm) and can be adjusted. Readings are in 0.1 lpm. Supplied complete with flowmeter, impinger holder, batteries, connection tubing, and carrying case.

Power supply, 4 x C cell batteries

Dimensions: 25cm(w) x18cm(d) x15cm(h). Weight: 2.7kg.

Product Code: EN73-104 / EN73-106 / EN73-108 / EN73-110 / EN73-112