Soil Moisture & Analysis

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Key Products
  • pH_Kit__20642_zoom

    Direct Soil pH Measurement Kit

    EN32-204 / EN32-206 / EN32-208 / AG22-655 / AG22-656 / AG22-657
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  • HM4000_Green__22240_zoom

    HM4000 Metalyser Heavy Metals Soils Analyser

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  • Portable_XRF__33967_zoom

    Portable XRF Analyser for Screening Heavy Metals in Soils

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  • Soil_Analysis_kit__85364_zoom

    Soil Analysis Kit

    EN32-210 / EN32-211 / AG22-410 / AG22-411
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  • Soil_Moisture_Meter__08181_zoom

    Soil Moisture Meter

    EN32-188 / EN32-190 / AG25-200 / AG25-202
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