Water Level Monitoring

Water level measurements form the basis of hydrological soil examination (porosity of the soil, determination of the current direction of the groundwater etc.) Several widely used systems are displayed here that allow for the recording of water levels in applications such as in bore holes, casing tubes, well pipes, water wells, open water, and tanks.

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Key Products
  • dipmeter__00713_zoom


    AG42-100 / AG42-102 / AG42-104 / AG42-106 / AG42-108
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  • Echo_sounder__90228_zoom

    Portable Echo Sounder

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  • Water_Level_Logger_Kit__08477_zoom

    Water Level Logger Kit

    EN26-124 / EN26-126 / EN26-128 / EN26-130 / EN26-132 / EN26-134
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  • Water_Level_Monitor__25436_zoom

    Water Level Monitor

    EN26-120 / EN26-122 / AG42-300 / AG42-302
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