Air Quality Monitoring

Good air quality is essential to the health and well-being of all living organisms.

Poor air can have adverse effects on our quality of life and can damage the fabric of buildings and sensitive flora and fauna.

Air quality monitoring provides raw measurements of air pollutant concentrations and with appropriate analysis and interpretation, these measurements can be transformed into useful information about air quality.

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Key Products
  • SKC Shoot

    Air / Vapour Sampling Kit

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  • Air_Pollution_Test_Kit_(EN73-104)__07610_zoom

    Air Pollution Test Kit

    EN73-104 / EN73-106 / EN73-108 / EN73-110 / EN73-112
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  • Nuclear_Radiation_Monitor__57934_zoom

    Nuclear Radiation Monitor

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  • Portable_Flue_Gas_Analyser__17774_zoom

    Portable Flue Gas Analyser

    EN73-420 / EN73-421 / EN73-422 / EN73-423 / EN73-424
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  • Gas_Analyser__59752_zoom

    Portable Gas Emissions Analyser

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  • Portable_Radon_Monitor__38692_zoom

    Portable Radon Monitor

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  • Rdiation_Survey_Meter__80723_zoom

    Radiation Survey Meter

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  • UPM__56071_zoom

    Urban Pollution Monitor (UPM)

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  • Vehicle_Exaust_Gas_Analyser_2__87742_zoom

    Vehicle Exhaust Gas Analyser

    EN73-430 / EN73-432 / EN73-434 / EN73-436 / EN73-438 / EN73-440
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