Air / Dust Sampling & Monitoring

Dust consists of particles in the atmosphere that originate from various sources such as soil dust raised by the wind, volcanic eruptions, and pollution caused by human activity. Dust in homes, offices, and other human environments contains small amounts of plant pollen, human and animal hairs, textile fibers, paper fibers, minerals from outdoor soil, human skin cells, and many other materials which may be found in the local environment.

The presence of excessive and/or contaminated dust particles in the atmosphere is both unpleasant and potentally harmful to human and animal health and the equipment in this section is designed to sample and monitor these levels.

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Key Products
  • Airborne_Particulate_Monitor__11389_zoom

    Airborne Particulate Monitor

    EN65-252 / EN65-254 / EN65-256 / EN65-258
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  • Dust_deposit_gauge__59126_zoom

    Dust Deposit Gauge

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  • Dust_Deposit_Gauge_(dust_flux)__29182_zoom

    Dust Deposit Gauge (dust flux)

    EN65-116 / EN65-118
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  • General_dust__83215_zoom

    General Dust Sampling & Monitoring Kit

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  • Particulate_Monitor__02405_zoom

    Hand Held Airborne Particulate Monitor

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  • Micro_Analytical_Balance__39981_zoom

    Micro Analytical Balance

    EN65-340 / EN65-342 / EN65-344
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  • Ambient_Air_Sampler__60976_zoom

    Portable Ambient Air Sampler (PAAS)

    EN65-300 / EN65-302 / EN65-304 / EN65-306 / EN65-308 / EN65-310 / EN65-318 / 3N65-320
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