Soil Sampling & Classification

Sampling and classification is required to determine the physical and chemical characteristics of a particular area or plot for agricultural development.

The soil sampling and classification equipment in this section will enable disturbed and undisturbed samples to be taken away for later analysis in the laboratory.

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Key Products
  • GPS_Receiver__73770_zoom

    Agricultural Inspectors Kit

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  • Agricultural_Soil_Set__91630_zoom

    Agricultural Soil Set

    EN32-150 / AG21-800
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  • Riverside_Hand_Augers__98494_zoom

    Riverside Hand Augers

    EN32-108 / EN32-110 / EN32-112 / EN32-114 / AG21-200 / AG21-202 / AG21-204 / AG21-206
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  • Soil_Colour_Chart__70663_zoom

    Soil Colour Chart

    EN32-138 / AG21-600
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  • Complete_soil_prospecting_kit__92966_zoom (1)

    Soil Prospecting Kit

    EN32-130 / AG21-500
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  • Soil_Sampler__30773_zoom

    Soil Sampler

    EN32-124 / EN32-126 / EN32-128 / AG21-400 / AG21-402 / AG21-404
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  • soil sample bag

    Soil Sampling Bags

    EN32-154 / AG21-900
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  • Soil_Sieve_Set__94123_zoom

    Soil Sieve Set

    EN32-152 / AG21-810
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  • Soil_Survey_Kit__18220_zoom

    Soil Survey Kit

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  • Soil texture kit 2

    Soil Texture Kit

    EN32-146 / EN32-148 / AG21-700 / AG21-702
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