Soil Analysis

Soil Analysis

Carrying out an analysis of and measuring the key chemical characteristics of soil is essential in order to create the best conditions for plant growth.

This soil analysis section includes a range of instruments for measuring the pH and conductivity of the soil plus soil meters for sodium, potassium, nitrates and salt.

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Key Products
  • Agriculture_Test_Kit__25429_zoom

    Agriculture Test Kit

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  • Budget_Soil_Test_Kit__49432_zoom

    Budget Soil Test Kit

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  • Compact_Conductivity_Meter__54928_zoom

    Compact Conductivity Meter

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  • Compact_ION_Meter_Kit__47453_zoom

    Compact ION Meters

    AG22-500 / AG22-502 / AG22-504 / AG22-506 / AG22-508 / AG22-510 / AG22-512 / AG22-514
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  • Compact_pH_Meter__91930_zoom

    Compact pH Meter

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  • pH_Kit__20642_zoom

    Direct Soil pH Measurement Kit

    EN32-204 / EN32-206 / EN32-208 / AG22-655 / AG22-656 / AG22-657
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  • Soil_Analysis_kit__85364_zoom

    Soil Analysis Kit

    EN32-210 / EN32-211 / AG22-410 / AG22-411
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  • Soil_Fertility_Kit__57647_zoom

    Soil Fertility Kit

    AG22-300 / AG22-302
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  • Soil_Nutrients_Kit__89792_zoom

    Soil Nutrients Kit

    AG22-400 / AG22-402
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  • Soil_pH_Kit__03787_zoom

    Soil pH Kit

    AG22-100 / AG22-102 (Refill pack-50 tests)
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