Seed Counting, Weighing & Grading

A complete range of equipment for use in both the laboratory and in the field, for the accurate counting, weighing, and grading of seeds. Forming an essential component of effective crop management, this process ensures that the destructive elements of a sample (i.e. weed seeds, soil/straw dust, damaged and under- or over-sized seed) are removed from the lot, ensuring quality produce is obtained.

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Key Products
  • Balances, Analytical, PW Range

    AG64-524 / AG64-526 / AG64-528 / AG64-534 / AG64-530 / AG64-532
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  • Balances, Precision, PGW Range

    AG64-500 / AG64-502 / AG64-504 / AG64-506 / AG64-508 / AG64-510 / AG64-512 / AG64-514
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  • Electronic Grain Counter

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  • Grain Counters

    AG64-400 / AG64-402
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  • Hectolitre Weight Measurement

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  • Seed Planting Head, with Vacuum Pick-Up

    AG64-450 / AG64-451 / AG64-452 / AG64-454 / AG64-456 / AG64-458
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  • Test Sieves

    AG64-300 / AG64-302 / AG64-304
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  • Vacuum Seed Counter

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