Moisture Content

Samples for moisture content tests should only be accepted if they are submitted in an intact moisture proof container from which as much air as possible has been excluded. Most customers submit their samples in 250 gauge polythene bags that are either tied or closed with elastic bands. Neither of these methods of sealing provides a proper seal, which could be accomplished using a Wagtech Projects heat-sealer. Where a heat sealer is not available it is recommended that the seed testing lab obtain a supply of heavy duty polyethylene bottles with screw top seals.

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Key Products
  • Analytical Grinding Mill

    AG62-800 / AG62-802 / AG62-804
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  • Hay & Straw Bale Moisture Meter

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  • Laboratory Mill

    AG62-700 / AG62-702 / AG62-704 / AG62-706
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  • Large Seed Moisture Analyser

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  • Micro Hammer Cutter Mill

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  • Moisture / Temperature Analyser

    AG62-400 / AG62-402 / AG62-404 / AG62-406
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  • Moisture Balances

    AG62-350 / AG62-352
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  • Moisture Probes

    AG62-200 / AG62-202 / AG62-204
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  • Programmable Moisture Analyser

    AG62-100 / AG62-102
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  • Seed and Grain Dryer

    AG62-900 / AG62-902 / AG62-904 / AG62-906 / AG62-908
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  • Special Bin Thermometer

    AG62-300 / AG62-304 / AG62-306 / AG62-308
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  • Whole Grain Analyser

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