Current Flow Meters

A comprehensive range of equipment for the measurement or estimation of water flow in both natural and man-made, irrigation and drainage channels.

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Key Products
  • current_meter_set__88818_zoom

    Electromagnetic Flow Meters

    EN26-114 / EN26-116 / AG41-120 / AG41-122
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  • flowmaster__99756_zoom

    Flow Master

    EN26-102 / EN26-104 / AG41-100 / AG41-102
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  • Flow_meters__52069_zoom

    Flow Meters

    EN26-106 / EN26-108 / EN26-110 / EN26-112 / AG41-200 / AG41-202 / AG41-204 / AG41-106
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  • Parshall_Flumes__83714_zoom

    Parshall Flumes

    AG41-302 / AG41-304
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  • Trapezoidal_Flumes__81330_zoom

    Trapezoidal Flumes

    AG41-306 / AG41-308
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